How To Write A Review Or Testimonial

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To help others make the right decision on whether or not to purchase a product or service, people leave reviews that detail their own personal experiences with it. In their review or testimonial, they write if they had a good or bad experience with the product or service, alerting others if they should do the same. Of course, people will make up their own minds if they’d like to purchase something, but these reviews and testimonials serve as a guide as to what to possibly expect.
You’ll find these reviews everywhere! From Amazon to big store retailers to Yelp for restaurants and bars and everything in between there are sections to provide your reviews. Each site also has reviews to help customers gauge their sentiment on products and services. Also, these reviews not only benefit potential customers, but also the vendor, allowing their products to shine from the experiences of others who have already bought and tried them. Obviously, good reviews lead to more purchases, while negative or impartial reviews can hinder one’s feelings on buying the product or service. Basically, they make future customers more confident in their decision to purchase something, meaning they will most likely have the same feelings about the product as others have.

But reviews can also help increase a brand’s online presence since feedback and reviews show up on each product’s page, which help pages be found on search engines thanks to certain keywords. If customers then share the products and their reviews on social media, they get even more exposure and potential customers!
So, when you have the chance, always try and make it a point to leave a review or testimonial on stuff you purchase to help others make informed decisions and the brand gain more exposure and sales. Also, to help with the process, here are some tips on how to write a stellar and informative review or testimonial:

1. Demonstrate the benefits
If you really loved a product or service make sure you describe the benefits as to why you loved it. It’s these benefits that reveal the impact the product or service had and shows potential customers why they should care about it, too. And the benefits you listed will back up the listed features the brand placed in the description, further demonstrating the brand’s credibility. A review listed for our photo booth services might list the added benefits of having our services at their event, helping demonstrate to others why they’d want to hire us, too!

2. Challenging objectives
People like to save money anywhere they can and aren’t willing to fork over their hard-earned money if something is too pricy. With these types of reviews, you’re describing why others should take the plunge and invest in the product or service despite the costly price. This helps push those who are on the fence about something because of its price to buy it. They read how you overcome the price tag and benefited from it and believe the same for their own purchase.

3. Focus on details
Some people write lengthy reviews that are filled with fluff. Save your time and the reader’s time by keeping it brief and short with just the details. Reviews and testimonials don’t have to be sugary since simply focusing on the details will make it more credible. And since people have short attention spans, a long review won’t get rid, thus your experience won’t even matter!

Reviews and testimonials are more powerful thank you think and shares knowledge and experience with other buyers so that they can make informed decisions without regrets. So make sure you leave them as much as you can with any product or service you purchase!

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