How A Photo Booth
Can Increase Brand Visibility

Lafayette,LA - Photo Booth - How A Photo Booth Can Increase Brand Visibility

Photo booths are more than just fun additions at weddings and parties, but can really make an impact for businesses when used right. Having a photo booth at a corporate party or event can greatly increase the brand’s visibility and help them market their brand to others since social media users share their photo booth photos with their friends and followers, thus helping spread the word on the brand.

Here are some helpful ways a photo booth can increase your brand’s visibility:

1. Custom Backgrounds The top way a photo booth can help with visibility is with custom backgrounds. This what will be seen behind the photo booth occupants, no matter where they are located when taking the pictures. Custom backgrounds can have your company logo, social media handles, website and anything else you’d like, making it the perfect way to spread the word about your company. This way, when people share their photos of themselves at your photo booth on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, they’ll notice the custom background with your company’s information on it and will be curious about it. This will, in turn, help your company increase its clientele and reach.

2. Timeless Branded Keepsakes A photo booth with your company’s logo on the background and on the photo print outs provides timeless branded keepsakes that will forever have your company’s information on them. Custom overlays can include your brand’s name, logo, event name and so much more and is more prominent than a simple watermark on the bottom corner that can be cut off by picture frames. This means that whenever the users see the photos or anyone else, they’ll be exposed to your company. It’s free marketing for years to come!

3. Immediate Social Media Sharing Many photo booth options today now include social media sharing straight from the booth. Guests can easily sign into their various social media accounts via the special photo kiosk and share all their photos at once. This allows them to immediately share them as the photo is taken instead of waiting a while for users to take pictures of the actual photo on their smartphones to then upload to their social media accounts. Immediate social media sharing provides your brand the ability to create awareness as the event is happening in real-time!

4. Real-Time Awareness To create real-time awareness about your company’s event, you can easily create a unique hashtag for users to use when taking photos at the photo booth to be used during the event. Others can use the hashtag to keep up with what’s happening at the event and if there’s enough interaction, it can even go viral with the right marketing support!

5. The Gift That Keeps On Giving Happy employees will always try to promote the company they work for and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you have a photo booth at a company event for employees like a picnic, Christmas party or other team-related events. A photo booth provides employees with something fun to do at the party, promotes teamwork and provides memories that last a lifetime. It’s also a shareable item that employees can post on their own social media accounts, reflecting how great your company is to work for.

Ohh Snap! Photo Booth™ can help your brand increase its visibility with our unique photo booths that are anything but ordinary. Our photo booths are wide and open, which offer many benefits over closed-in, bulky boxes that cram people inside. For every event, we send one of our Ohh Snap attendants to provide you with a full set up and tear down customized backdrops and props. We have a wide range of backdrops to choose from, but if you’re looking for something specific, we’re more than happy to create something unique for your brand or event. And our photos are high quality and can come in the traditional 2x6 photo strips or 4x6 prints. Our company also provides lots of added customizable extras, so let’s chat today and figure out how we can help you increase your brand’s visibility with a photo booth at your next event!

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